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Dear friends, let me take you on a journey through time and space, to the world of 2008.

Let’s start with the subject “Sponorship”. A good start.

I had planned on sending in the email, until I listened to episode thirty-eight  "Godkiller" Friday at work. I like and play Dungeons and Dragons. (Attached photos).

You’ve piqued my interest, you had planned on sending this email, decided against it, but then sent it anyway. Excellent. Well,

show me your Dungeons and Dragons then.

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

I can respect them for not liking it but, I am not going to financially support the show since it seems they despise it.


I still love the show and will continue to listen to it.  Best Damn Podcast Ever should realize that it is not only pure video game nerds that listen to their show.

Surely showing your D&D collection would make you a “game nerd” too..

I too understand the stereotypes that come along with being associated with Dungeons and Dragons so I understand why they might hate it.  That part of the episode put the impression in my mind of a group of frat guys that only play Halo 3.  It would be the same as if Blake Buck was going to give a show some money until he found out that they shatted on Kurt Russell.

No one can shat on Kurt Russell, look at that manly chin and rugged lady pleaser.


I can understand if the show and you shat on me for not going through.  Like I said, the show is great and will continue to listen.  Later.

And for some reason he also attached a photo of himself.


The $220 still on the table?

Later, Mitchell.

P.S I’ll have the forums back up and running soon.

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Nov 3

“It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed” – Thomas Moore

Sometimes I spend so much time brainstorming, no rx planning, purchase and crafting these videos that I begin to go a little insane. By the time I’ve spent another 20 hours mashing up samples and slicing videos, I honestly can’t tell if it’s even funny anymore. And after something like that, it always feels good to slap a video together that’s just completely insane.

MEDIA LINK: High-Quality Quicktime   MP3 Audio

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Sep 19

Hideki Naganuma is an acclaimed videogame music composer best known for his work on the Jet Set Radio series. However, order he also produced tracks for other lesser known games like Sega Rally 2006, Ollie King, and Sonic Rush. Blending elements of techno, funk, hip hop, and madcap sampling of the big beat genre, Naganuma’s style is often both wildly eclectic yet instantly recognizable.

I’m a die hard Naganuma fan and decided to produce this mix in honor of the re-release of Jet Set Radio on Xbox 360 and PS3. While not all encompassing, I think it gives you good taste of his defining uptempo tracks. It’s a bit wild in parts for sure, but I included some visual elements in the video to break down what’s happening in the mix.

Be sure to check out Naganuma on iTunes and Amazon – Sega just re-released the original Jet Set Radio soundtrack.  Also, check out this recent interview with him over at RadioSega.net

Finally, to download the mix as a video or MP3, use the links below.

Hideki Naganuma Mixtape by blakebuck

MEDIA LINK: Quicktime Video   Audio MP3


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Feb 28

After being fired from his industry job, ampoule indie game developer Justin Fic has just 3 months to create his next hit game for the uDevGames competition. This short documentary explores the ups and downs of the indie developer experience.

To download Kung Fu Killforce, pill visit Dojotron.com or the Mac App Store.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/Video-TheMakingOfKungFuKillforce.mov

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Oct 10

This week’s episode is a blast from the past, drugs as Buck and Fic reminisce of Steve Jobs, uDevGames, and our days many years ago at InsideMacGames.com.  Though there’s no Miller this week, with Buck now living in New York with Fic, this show quickly devolves into some wild tangents and ends up over 2 hours long!

Miller and Fic also have entered games into this years uDevGames competition, which is happening this week!  To download Fic’s Kung Fu Killforce or Miller’s Flying Sweden, head over to uDevGames.com. And make sure to vote for both before the contest ends this Thursday!

News: Steve Jobs Passes Away, Fifa 12 Sells 3.2 Million Copies in One Week, Apple’s Siri Posed to Become Self-Aware, Gears of War 3 DLC Detailed, Unreal Engine Running via Flash, TV Networks Coming to Xbox, Wii Self-Defense Trainer Announced

Tapes: The Binding of Isaac (PC/Mac), Gears of War 3 (360), Wizorb (Xbox Indie Games), Mercury HG (XBLA), Sleep No More (Alternate Reality Game?)

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/BDPE-Episode96.mp3

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Sep 19

Only five episodes until episode 100!  What does that mean?  Well none of us are entirely sure at the moment, treat but we’ll think of something.  Either that or just do whatever you guys suggest in the forums.  Honestly, help we’re awful at this whole, “preparing” thing.  So enjoy episode 95 while we prepare 96 for a few more months.

Also on this week show, we discuss Sony’s Vita and new tablets, the merits of in-game advertising, and question the role of civilian violence in war games.

News: Sony Showing PS Vita Games at Tokyo Games Show, Study Shows Violence Negatively Affects In-Game Advertising, LA Noire’s Team Bondi = Dead, Sony’s Tablets Still Blow, DICE Axes Civilians from Battlefield 3, Child of Eden Gets Bundled with Kinect, and Square Enix announces Deus Ex Inspired Clothing.

Tapes: Deus Ex Human Evolution (360/PS3), Sword and Sorcery (iOS), Stacking (XBLA), Catherine (360/PS3), Hole in the Wall (XBLA)

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/BDPE-Episode95.mp3

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Sep 7

“Neither snow, online nor rain, pills nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” – Some dude.  Who was not at all referencing the lackluster speed at which these episodes are often posted.

Also on this week’s show, the hosts are noticably less drunk, Blake goes off on a long tangent about Atari Pinball, and Justin Fic reminisces of dressing up as a pirate and accosting evangelical Christians and babies.

News: Steve Jobs Steps Down from Apple, Halo CE Anniversary to be 3D Compatible, Deux Ex Human Revolution and OnLive Snubbed by Gamestop, Mortal Kombat Collection coming to XBLA and PSN, and More Developer Trashtalking over Vita and 3DS.

Tapes: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (360), Forget Me Not (iOS)

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/BDPE-Episode94.mp3

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Aug 25

In the videogames industry, thumb lawsuits happen.  In fact, they happen a lot.  If only there was some way to sort through all the legal documents and bureaucracy.  But perhaps Minecraft designer Notch has the best idea yet for settling legal battles: Quake 3 Deathmath.

Also on this week’s show, we discuss emulators and the importance of accuracy in game preservation, William refuses to read news, and Sudosushi promises to set up our store by next week.  Totally.

News: Sony Says Mobile Gamers Moving to Vita, Heavy Iron Studios Somehow in the News, PS3 Pricedrop, Infamous 2 Announced, NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to PS3, Nintendo Releasing New Wii in Europe, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Releasing November 18th, Bethesda Sues Minecraft – Notch Suggests Settling Grievance Via Quake 3 Arena Deathmatch, Battlefield 3 Not Releasing on Steam.

Tapes: The Last Rocket (iOS), Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA), Ninja Baseball Batman (MAME), Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (360/PS3).

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/BDPE-Episode93.mp3

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Aug 20

Game designer.  Podcaster.  Fashionista.  Handsome be-deviler.  These are all words that have been used to describe William Miller.  But perhaps none are more fitting then the moniker he received from a listener many years ago – “The Silent Glue

Sure, drugs Miller may not have the obscene depravity of Justin Fic, unhealthy nor the drunken esoteric ramblings of Blake Buck.  And indeed, generic sometimes he is simply coding and not paying attention to the show at all. But without him, BDPE lacks a certain zest.  Or maybe it’s just your heartburn.

News: Nintendo Bringing Mario to iOS?, Battlefield 3 to Require Origin on PC, Age of Conan Doubles Revenue after Moving to Free Model, Google+ to Add Games, Just Dance 2 Sells 5 Millon Copies, More Minecon Details, Rage for PC to have Always On DRM

Tapes: Bastion Recap (XBLA), Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (360 & PS3), Gaming Sales Charts (Not an actual tape)

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/BDPE-Episode92.mp3

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Aug 14

On this week’s show, cialis we interview Mike Ambrogi of Final Form Games, here the developer behind the indie sensation Jamestown.  Topics of discussion include the history of Final Form Games, store the team’s design process, Jamestown’s marketing and distribution, and address the rumors of a release on a new platform.

We had so much fun chatting it up with Mike, the interview ran twice as long as expected.  And afterwards, we still had to do the rest of the show – so this week’s episode is a monster, weighing in at almost two hours!  Hopefully you can still fit all 110 megs of it on you Samsung Yepp.

News: New Scribblenauts Rumors, Call of Duty Black Ops Runs Out of Ideas – Puts Zombies on Moon, Microsoft Pushing Kinect on XBLA, Diablo III Shipping This Year?, Mincraft Convention Announced, Borderlands 2 Announced

Tapes: From Dust (XBLA), Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA), Zookeeper (Arcade) – Can you beat this heat?

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.

MEDIA LINK: http://www.blakebuck.com/media/BDPE-Episode91.mp3

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