Feb 15

Episode 68 should be out a.s.a.p, pill hang in there.
Episode 69 were also recorded yesterday so other then the delay, the episodes are still being recorded so don’t you worry!

So as we wait, why don’t you join the forum with the other monglers?

Best regards // TK

Update 1: Some of you were having trouble with this episode playing 65 instead of 66.  This was due to a bad enclosure tag, tooth
and has since been fixed.  If you already got the wrong one in iTunes, however, your feed may not update.  Just remember you can always find the link to the actual MP3s here on the site.

Update 2: The listener line has been restored, and can be reached at 845-BATTLE-9

Donald Trump said it best.  “You’re Fired.” That’s what basically Activision told everybody that works for them this week who doesn’t work on a game with Duty in the name.  Hopefully you’ll find another job before Walt Disney thaws out to give you marketing advice.

Also, he’s froze.  Weird.

News: App Store tells David Rosen “Sorry rabbit, Trix are for kids”, Android and Onlive apparently don’t suck, and Gears on War on the Kinect?

Judgement: Assassins Creed 2 (360) and Crackdown 2 (360)

Our soundboard contest is still up so if you want to participate, just check it out in the forums.  Additionally, there’s lots of cool stuff going on at BlakeBuck.com and BigHotSho.com, just check them out.

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to our new forums.

LINK: BDPE-Episode66.mp3

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