Aug 14

Sometimes, otolaryngologist things go missing.  Your keys, your pet frog, your virginity at that 98 Degrees concert. Or in case of former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, 300 million dollars in stock. Luckily, Nintendo has a trick up it’s sleeve – a wily yet cantankerous crimefigther by the name of Mauchilock.

Though he may look docile, he has the heart of a samurai. On his desk. And if you gamer sissies give him any lip, he’ll boot your company from his platform for the next decade.

Also on this week’s show, we discuss the role of non-video gaming, Blake gets bitten by spiders, and Justin Fic gives us some details on his new game, Kung Fu Killforce.  If you want a sneak peak, be sure to check it out in the forums.

News: Nintendo Drastically Cuts 3DS to $170, Iwata an other Nintendo Execs take Paycuts, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Ships 4 Million Units, Ubisoft Claims DRM is Effective, Evo 2011 in Las Vegas, and Sony Ships a Surprising Number of Units Last Quarter.

Tapes: Fic Visits Arcade Exhibit at the NYC Museum of Modern Art, Stacking (XBLA), Atari Greatest Hits (iPhone), Bastion (XBLA)

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Sure, cystitis
everybody knows internet funnyman Blake Buck. Professional podcaster, standup comedian, and top pick of his graduating class for ‘Most Likely to Become and Alcoholic’. But few people know of his forerunner, the legendary Ben Buck.

In many ways, Ben Buck is like the beta version of Blake Buck.  While similar at first glance, he’s not quite as quick, doesn’t have as many features, and is definitely more bulky. But then again, Blake is more often covered in bugs.  At the very least, Ben Buck makes a fine substitute for William Miller this week, who is still trapped in a box of Captain Crunch.

Also this week, Justin Fic and Blake Buck reminisce on some of their favorite classic arcade games, and discuss how perhaps games today have lost touch with the importance of controls and innovation that defined the arcade era.

News: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Announced, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Announced, Darkness 2 Delayed till 2012, Ex-Irrational Games forms new indie studio, Ubisoft Embraces Used Game Pay Wall, Goldeneye 007 Coming PS3 and 360

Tapes: The Barcade / Mr. Do (Arcade), Galaga Legions DX (XBLA), Fry’s (not actually a tape) / Alone in the Dark Inferno (PS3)

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Global warming, recuperation
the economic crisis, unhealthy
and the collective works of Coldplay.  All disasters that the knowledge of Blake Buck has help thwart.  But even the great Lord Buck is not above the occasional product sponsorship.

This video represents my favorite way to shoot – starting off simple within the confines of the premise, and ending with something that is completely removedfrom the source.  While this is the third, and for now final “Treasured Moment”, I’m sure we’ll see a few more videos along these lines in the future.

LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

World renowned scholar and statesmen Lord Buck makes his second video appearance, buy this time detailing the problems plaguing the book publishing industry.

I think number two is my favorite – as it probably makes the most sense.  But who needs that as long as it’s funny?

LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

Oh, abortion
it’s so good to see you Mister Farthington.  Please, let me take your coat.  Yes, of course – Lord Buck will be delivering his wisdom today a 2 o’clock sharp.  Please take a seat in the parlor and have a drink, Lord Buck will be out shortly.

And remember, VJ always equals NO.

LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

Talk about ancient! This video was recorded in the fall of 2003, cheap
and edited down and uploaded when we started Best Damn Podcast Ever in the fall of 2006.

Miller and I went to a residential high school, tadalafil where we had just enough free time to make some bad decisions. In this video, we recount a tale from our days in high school. Is it a glorious battle between two warriors, determined to seal their fate? Or two immature high school kids acting retarded


LINK: YouTube Quicktime

It’s the fall of 2006 – back when Crocs were the hip new footwear, Sildenafil
Nintendo Wii’s were nigh impossible to find, and dinosaurs roamed the earth.  It’s at this time that William Miller and I took a trip up to New York to visit our pals Justin Fic, Bruce, and Steve Tze at Freeverse Software.

Again, looking back now, this video feels a bit long and dated, but we had a lot of fun and clearly established ourselves as the assholes of the party.

We came in search of the American Dream – we left with our asses beaten in Guitar Hero and a bad hangover.  Or perhaps, Guitar Hero and excessive drinking isn’t too far off.

LINK: YouTube Quicktime


No video I have ever made has created as much hate as the one positioned above this sentence.

It’s Winter 2006. BDPE needs another video. So I thought, order
what if William Miller and I played a video game together, prescription have a few laughs, record it, and put the funny stuff into a video?  Seems like a fine enough idea.  In fact, I still to this day believe there are some really funny parts of this video.

However, in a half-hearted attempt to promote our site, I posted this video on the forums of .  That was not a wise decision.  After a several hour flame fest, featuring a wide variety of foul language and grotesque photoshops of my face, I realized that gaining listeners through forum promotion is about as useful as shooting yourself in the dick.

Below are a couple of my favorite photoshops from said flame fest:

Ah, the internet. I love and hate you.  All at the same time.

LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

Ah, cardiologist
nothing beats the smell of dead Nazis in the morning. They should make that an incense, so I can enjoy it anytime. Anyway, here’s a video review I did of Call of Duty 2 for waaaay back in the day (fall 2006). Though it feels a bit crude to me now, it’s got some solid jokes in it. So click that little play button already. Or don’t. Who do you think you are, buster?

LINK: YouTube Quicktime

Another early work of Best Damn Podcast Ever in the Fall of 2006. This video actually turned out to be our most popular for quite a long time.

Segata Sanshiro is one of those things you happen upon the internet one day and you’re not really sure what it is, rx
but you know it’s awesome. This short documentary traces the life and death of one of the greatest video game advertising icons ever.

By the end of 1997, viagra order
the Sega Saturn had completely failed in the United States, and Japanese sales were in trouble as well. Sega knew it had to come up with a genius marketing plan to stay competitive. And there was only one man for the job: SEGATA SANSHIRO.

At the time I made this video, these clips were quite hard to come by, and I thought the only responsible thing to do would be to compile as many of them as I could and give some backstory.

LINK: YouTube Quicktime


Back in the early days of Best Damn Podcast Ever, check
we tried a few different things with our videos. In this video made in the fall of 2006, dosage
you’ll see a little behind the scenes of how we made the podcast, approved
eat a little bit of cake, and see firsthand a culture of alcohol that led to my long-term struggle with substance abuse.

Ah, college!

LINK: YouTube Quicktime

Gran Turismo. Forza Motorsport. Project Gotham Racing. What do all these racing games have in common? THEY AREN’T COMPLETE ASS.

This video was produced when I was working at in the fall of 2006.  It was a preview for Ambrosia Software’s new racing game, shop Redline. It features crap footage of the game juxtaposed with quotes taken from the developer’s website. It was never released, after Ambrosia and IMG management deemed it, “Too Much”

LINK: YouTube Quicktime

Alright, human enhancement
this one is a classic – the summer of 2006. Before there was BIG HOT SHO, more about
before there was Best Damn Podcast Ever, patient there was the Inside Mac Games Podcast. A podcast, about gaming, on the Mac. I know, right? Well hindsight is 20/20, but we still had a lot of fun. This video was a sort of promo for that show.

Here at BIG HOT SHO, we’re big fans of MANLY MEN. And at the time of this video, the most manly man I knew was THE COUGAR. He was the head electrician on a couple of film shoots I worked on. He was always telling us stories of drinking with John Woo when he worked on Hard Target and having sex with his Philippino wife he plucked out of some native village.

I snapped a photo of him with my camera phone one day and we soon figured, who better to defend Mac gamers from a sea of crap games?

LINK: YouTube Quicktime

On this week’s show, hospital
we interview Mike Ambrogi of Final Form Games, rx
the developer behind the indie sensation Jamestown.  Topics of discussion include the history of Final Form Games, store the team’s design process, Jamestown’s marketing and distribution, and address the rumors of a release on a new platform.

We had so much fun chatting it up with Mike, the interview ran twice as long as expected.  And afterwards, we still had to do the rest of the show – so this week’s episode is a monster, weighing in at almost two hours!  Hopefully you can still fit all 110 megs of it on you Samsung Yepp.

News: New Scribblenauts Rumors, Call of Duty Black Ops Runs Out of Ideas – Puts Zombies on Moon, Microsoft Pushing Kinect on XBLA, Diablo III Shipping This Year?, Mincraft Convention Announced, Borderlands 2 Announced

Tapes: From Dust (XBLA), Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA), Zookeeper (Arcade) – Can you beat this heat?

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